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The web-based platform where talk shows, radio hosts, and podcasters can create live and on-demand shows for distribution on the web. Perhaps you already have one but you want to take it to the next level. Regardless, you’re going to need a few helpful tools and services to get you there. The list below is comprised of tools that you’ll want to check out in order to set your podcast apart from the rest. If it’s your first time, we’ve got your back with a free 7 day bootcamp.

If you can afford to spend some money, as well as a little time, you can learn the streamlined DAW Hindenburg Journalist which is designed with audio storytelling in mind. Audition can take a lot more learning and getting used to because of the amount of features and options in it.

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  • When you’re done editing the script hook v clips, you bring them over to the Timeline screen and drop them onto the Timeline in the order that you want.
  • In general we do have a habit of writing something or adding a image to the screen helps a lot to make a video more interesting.
  • The flexibility of most VJ software is also one of it’s limitations – the strength of real-time effects and mixing, tending to make interfaces more obtuse than they need to be for users seeking simple playback.
  • If that sounds scarily like you’re going to have to shell out a lot of money for a product that you’ll probably only use a couple of the features form then don’t worry because we have you covered.
  • The world has changed and you can now find some of the best video editing tools are not only easy to download but are completely free!
  • If you’re thinking about foraying into the world of home video then you’ll want to get a good MP4 editor Windows 10 to get you going.

Free hosting platform for creators looking to start a podcast. Offers PRO services for those wanting to take it to the next level.

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New listeners can be gained via Facebook Live, streamed from a cell phone or webcam. With a clean UX and helpful content for beginning podcasters, Buzzsprout has helped more than 100,000 people begin their own podcast. Blubrry is a subsidiary of RawVoice and has been around for 10 years. The podcasting community and directory has grown rapidly in the last few years.

But once you’ve grasped the basics, the stuff you can do with your audio is pretty limitless. This DAW has everything you need to achieve a level of mastery in audio editing and production.

Liberated Syndication is the industry standard for podcast hosting. They make distribution to multiple channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) very simple and automatic. They also have some sway in the determination of who gets on Spotify. Podcast hosting with a customizable website and your own chosen domain. Podcasters can broadcast their episodes live to their audience as they are recording it — even if they edit it later.

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